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Translation and interpreting in the maritime, fishing and naval sectors

Vigo has the largest fishing port in Europe and, naturally, this has a huge impact on the business and economic activity of the city. The fishing activity is one of the driving forces of Vigo. Just the port alone creates more than 6,000 direct jobs and the annual turnover of the 357 fishing companies in the city amounts to more than 3 billion euros per year.
In addition, the naval sector also plays a crucial role in the city. With large shipyards dedicated to the construction of vessels, the naval industry represents one of the main sources of wealth for the municipality.


Being based in Vigo, Nartran has achieved a high degree of specialization in translation and interpreting services for the maritime, fishing and naval sectors throughout the years. Our staff is made up of great professionals with vast experience in translating all types of documents related to the sea, fishing, naval construction and all those aspects linked to the maritime and fisheries field.


Our team also includes highly specialized interpreters who have participated in numerous conferences, workshops, fairs and events organized around these fields, not only in Galicia, but also abroad.


maritime, fishing and naval

Maritime, fishing and naval translation

The documentation related to the maritime, fishing and naval sectors is numerous and of very different nature. It includes the sworn translation of official documents, such as vessel specifications and registrations, purchase and sale agreements, bills of lading, transportation letters, charter parties or customs documents, but also the standard translation of scientific, technical, commercial, advertising and informative texts or, even, web sites.


Since this type of translation requires a very high degree of specialization, in Nartran we work only with translators who have excellent education and wide experience in this field in order to guarantee quality results in any language or linguistic combination.

Interpreting services for the maritime, fishing and naval sector

A great deal of conferences, fairs, workshops, meetings and events related to the fishing industry are celebrated every day. Due to the inherent international nature of this sector, the need for a conference interpreter, a simultaneous translator, a liaison interpreter or a consecutive interpreter or translator tends to be common practice. However, it is key for such translator or interpreter to be specialized in and knowledgeable about the industry so that they can make communication flow.


For this reason, in NARTRAN, we have selected the best English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian interpreters in order to provide quality interpreting and translation services in any kind of event.

Interpretation services