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Translation services

Translation (sworn or ordinary translation) involves understanding the meaning of a text written in one language, called original text or source text, in order to produce a new text, known as target text, with the same meaning in a different language , This activity is carried out by a translator or sworn translator. The result of this activity, the text translated, is also called translation.


We are specialized in English and Spanish translations


There are several types of translations:


Types of translations

Sworn translation

Sworn translations are those done by a sworn translator who has been appointed as such by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The translation must be stamped and signed by the sworn translator, who must certificate that the text is a faithful translation of the original. They are normally academic records, transcripts, syllabus, contracts, marriage or divorce certificates, invoices, passports, etc.


Professional translation of certificates


We can send your translation by mail to Spain or other countries if necessary.

General Translation

If you need to translate a report, a press release, a letter or even a website, we are here to help you. We can also translate your e-mails and any other text within the activity of your company.

Technical translation

Technical translation is characterized by its precision and thoroughness. Entrust the translation of your manuals, instructions, guides, patents, catalogues and technical reports to NARTRAN Translations.

Maritime translation

Thanks to NARTRAN’s privileged geographical location in Vigo (Galicia), a city that houses one of the main fishing ports in the world, maritime translation is one of our main areas of specialization.


Given the specific nature of this sector’s vocabulary, these types of translations must be done by qualified professionals with wide knowledge of the maritime, fishing and naval sectors.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to translate a waybill, charter, vessel specifications, transportation letters, sales contracts, customs and naval documents, among others.

Translation of web sites

Trust NARTRAN Translations to translate your Web site to the main languages used on the Net or to whichever language you wish. Do not hesitate to check the tab “Customers” to see some of the webs translated by NARTRAN.


Our translations are done by specialized translators who are experts in different programming languages and include personal Web sites, business Web sites, content managers with databases, sectorial portals and big corporate Web sites to establish the tools needed to support the globalization and internationalization of the companies.


We have the resources needed to translate your site directly, maintaining the original format and providing a product ready to be uploaded to your server once received.


The translation of a Web site helps our customers to export their services and products, as well as to launch their company abroad, improving the number of potential customers.


We also offer daily translation and editorial services for the contents and information of your blog, forum, Web site, press releases, digital magazines, etc.


The concept of localization involves the translation of the contents of a computer program and its adaptation to a specific market, taking into account the cultural and semiotic references of the target public.

Interpretation services