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Training courses

Besides high-quality translation and interpreting services, Nartran Translations also offers training courses specialized in foreign languages for both companies and individuals. To that aim, we have gathered a renowned teaching staff with excellent education and wide experience who will individually guide the student throughout all the different learning stages.

By implementing a highly practical and dynamic teaching method, our teaching staff will adapt to the learning style of the student, thus applying the most suitable methodology for each case. The ultimate goal is to progress towards the construction of knowledge in a sound manner and to achieve tangible results in the shortest period of time, regardless of the aim pursued and the initial language level of the student.


Therefore, our training courses are characterized by their great flexibility, since both the contents and the schedules are tailored to the specific needs and the availability of the students. The classes will be taught either individually or in small groups and, also, face-to-face at our facilities or remotely through the use of online tools, such as Skype or Zoom.


Please, continue reading below to find more information about each one of our courses according to the specific student’s profile:

Training courses

Specialized training and courses for translators and interpreters

In view of the need for constant updating and lifelong learning experienced by both translation and interpreting professionals and students, as well as by other segments of the population, we have designed and planned different types of general and specialized courses aimed at meeting these objectives.


If you are currently studying your Translation and Interpreting degree or if you have just graduated and you are willing to broaden your training or to specialize in a particular field, we are here to help you. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any special requirement. We can tailor our courses to your needs.


  • Note-taking in consecutive interpreting
    Note-taking is key, both in consecutive and liaison interpreting. We will help you analyze in full detail your note-taking skills, either in order to learn the basics so that you can begin or to examine your technique and the different symbols you use so that you can improve them.


  • Specialized legal translation I: Theoretical introduction EN<>ES
    Introduction to specialized legal translation. We will analyze the different types of texts that a legal translator can bump into from a theoretical approach in order to be able to deal with them later at a practical level.


  • Specialized legal translation: Practice I EN<>ES – Documents related to Education and Civil Law
    Practical course where different types of academic certificates will be covered, as well as the most commonly translated documents within the context of civil law (birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, etc.). We will analyze real documents from different countries and translate them both from Spanish into English and from English into Spanish.


  • Specialized legal translation: Practice II EN<>ES – Notarial documents I
    Practical course where different types of notarial documents will be translated, as well as powers of attorney, notarial deeds, deeds of sale, etc. We will analyze real documents from different countries and translate them both from Spanish into English and from English into Spanish.

Language classes for individuals (one-on-one)

Would you like to improve your English? Do you feel like learning Italian? Are you willing to boost your French? Or do you have to sit for a Portuguese exam?


Call us or write us an email to let us know what you need and we will find the best teacher for your specific case.

Language classes for companies and senior managers

Among our language services, you can also find language classes for companies and senior managers. Being aware of the tight agendas and schedules of senior managers, we will adapt to your needs by offering face-to-face and online classes (via Skype or Zoom), as well as great schedule flexibility and availability.


Call us to get more information and analyze your specific case.