Nartran Translations has a great team of professionals. We specialize in translation, interpreting and linguistic services for individuals and companies.

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NARTRAN Translations is much more than a company or Translation Agency. If you are looking for a translator or interpreter who can guarantee quality, accuracy, reliability, punctuality, customized treatment and competitive prices, NARTRAN will meet your needs.

We have specialized in legal and financial translation and all of our translators have the certificate of Sworn Translator and Interpreter granted by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cooperation.


The texts translated by NARTRAN Translations range from economic and legal documents to technical manuals, as well as contracts, tender calls, minutes, advertisements, certificates, novels, pieces of news, conferences, annual reports, other reports, etc.



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We also provide consecutive, simultaneous and liaison interpreting for different events, such as conferences, congresses, show and meetings.


NARTRAN Translations offers translation and interpreting services in Spanish, Galician, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian and many other languages.

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Translating (sworn or ordinary translation) involves understanding the meaning of a text written in one language, called original text or ‘source text’, in order to produce a new text, known as ‘target text’, conveying the same meaning in a different language.

Sworn translation

Sworn translations are those done by a sworn translator who has been appointed as such by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

General translation

Translation of a report, press release, book, novel, letter, personal document, website, etc.

Legal and economic translation

Translation of legal documents such as contracts, schedules of conditions, articles of association, bylaws or agreements.

Technical translation

Translation of manuals, instructions, guides, patents, catalogues and technical reports.

Maritime translation

Translation of waybills, charters, vessel specifications or transportation letters.

Translation of Web sites

Translation of personal, business or corporate websites and expertise in different programming languages.


Translation of the contents of a computer program or website and its adaptation to a specific cultural and linguistic market.

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NARTRAN Translations is much more than a Translation Agency.
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Interpreting involves the oral translation of the information provided by the speaker in a language unknown by the audience. Interpreting services are used in conferences, congresses, meetings and many other events. The main types of interpreting services are:

Simultaneous interpreting

The interpreter translates the speech from a booth as he/she hears the speaker. The audience can simultaneously follow the contents of the intervention using headphones.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter takes notes of the original speech and translates it by segments after the short interventions of the speaker.

Sworn interpreting

Official interpreting service developed by a sworn interpreter authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter goes with the client to different events, such cultural events, guided tours or visits to factories and translates what the speakers said right after their intervention.

Whispered interpreting

This type of interpreting is also known as ‘chuchotage’. The interpreter translates the speech and conveys it in a low voice – whispering to the listener.

The team

The quality of NARTRAN’s translations is guaranteed by collaborating with a team of great professionals, all of them holding a degree in Translation and Interpreting or the certification of Sworn translators, who have specialized in different fields and languages.


The agency is located in Vigo, but we provide translation and interpreting services throughout Spain.


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